15 Facts on HF + HgO: What, How To Balance & FAQs

The chemical name of HgO is mercury (II) oxide an inorganic red color solid compind. Hgo is found in many mercury salts. On the other hand Hydrogen fluoride (HF) is an inorganic colorless gas and this substance is the principal source of fluorine. The aqueous solution of HF is called hydrofluoric acid.

HgO reacts with base and acid both that’s why it is weakly amphoteric in nature. HgO used in alkaline batteries as a preservative. Again HF is acidic in nature, since HF doesn’t completely dissociate in water, so it is weak acid. HF is highly corrosive.  The reaction with HgO and HF gives white crystalline of mercury fluoride.

In this article we will explain various facts like how to balance this reaction, what is the net ionic equation, what is the reaction enthalpy etc in details.

What is the product of HF + HgO

When HF and HgO are allowed to react with each other it forms mercury (II) fluoride (HgF2)  and water. The equation is : HgO + 2 HF = HgF2 +H2O. The reaction occurs at the temperature of 380-450 degree Celcius.

What type of reaction is HF + HgO

This reaction is a displacement reaction. Here mercury oxide is replaced by mercury fluoride.

How to balance HF + HgO

To balance any equation we must follow the following steps :

  • First we have to Symbolizes all the compounds of the equation with the variables to

represents the unkown coefficients.

aHgO + bHF = cHgF2 +d H20 

  • In the next step calculate the numbers of atom of the each elements for each reactants and


Hg : 1a+ 0b = 1c +0d

O : 2a + 0b = 0c + 1d

H : 0a + 1b = 0c + 2d

F : 0a + 1b = 2c + 0d

  • In thethird step by using substitution or elimination process we to solve the


We will get the value a =1, b= 2, c = 1 and d = 1

  • Now put the valuein the equation we get the balanced equation :

Hg0 + 2 HF = HgF2 +H2O

HF + HgO titration

The titration between HF and Hg0 is not possible, here HF act as a weak but mercuric oxide (Hg0) is a inorganic  weakly amphoteric compound, since the reaction between HF and Hg0 is not a acid base reaction, hence the titration can not be performed.

HF + Hg0 net ionic equation

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