7 Iron Chloride Uses : Facts You Should Know!

Iron chloride is the chemical compound of formula FeCl2 እና FeCl3. FeCl2 is a paramagnetic solid. Let us understand different uses of Iron chlorides in different industries.

The industrial applications of Iron Chloride are listed below-

  • የፍሳሽ ውሃ እንክብካቤ
  • የላቦራቶሪ አጠቃቀም
  • የእንስሳት ሕክምና ልምምድ
  • አርቲስቶች
  • ግብርና
  • የቀዶ ጥገና ሕክምና
  • እንደ ማነቃቂያ

This article explores the uses of Iron(II) chloride, Iron(III) chloride in different industries elaborately.

ኢንዱስትሪ ይጠቀማል

  • የጽዳት ወኪል
  • Etching agent
  • Flocculating agent
  • መካከለኛ
  • Precipitating agent

የፍሳሽ ውሃ እንክብካቤ

The uses of iron chloride in Wastewater treatment are given below:

  • Ferrous chloride serves as a ሽጉጥ ፍሰት agent in wastewater treatment, especially for wastes containing chromate or sulfides.
  • Ferrous chloride is used for odor control in wastewater treatment. It is also used as a precursor to make various grades of hematite that can be used in a variety of pigments.
  • FeCl3 is used as a flocculant while FeCl2 is not a flocculant , however it is used to precipitate sulfide and phosphate.
  • It is used in experimental energy storage systems.

የላቦራቶሪ አጠቃቀም

The uses of iron chloride in laboratory are discuss below:

  • In the laboratory iron(III) chloride is commonly employed as a Lewis acid for catalyzing reactions such as chlorination of aromatic compounds and Friedel–Crafts reaction of aromatics.
  • It is less powerful than aluminum chloride, but sometimes this mildness leads to higher yields, for example in the alkylation of benzene.
  • Alkylation of benzene is exploited in the Trinder spot test, which is used to indicate the presence of salicylates, particularly salicylic acid, which contains a phenolic OH group.
  • Trinder spot test can be used to detect the presence of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid and gamma-butyrolactone.
  • It is used as a drying reagent in its anhydrous form.
  • It is used to detect the presence of phenol compounds in organic synthesis; e.g., examining purity of synthesized Aspirin.
  • It reacts with cyclopentadienyl magnesium bromide in one preparation of ferrocene, a metal-sandwich complex.
  • Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) is used in organic synthesis as a catalyst.
  • It is used as an additive in sodium chloride (NaCl) to produce clear crystals.

የእንስሳት ሕክምና ልምምድ

The uses of iron chloride in veterinary practice are discuss below:

  • It is used in veterinary practice to treat overcropping of an animal’s claws, particularly when the overcropping results in bleeding.

የእጅ ባለሙያ

Iron chloride is used by artisans in following processes listed below:

  • FeCl2 is used for printing photographic and fine art images .
  • FeCl2 ለመስራት ያገለግላል printed circuit boards (PCBs) by etching copper.
  • FeCl2 is used to strip aluminum coating from mirrors.
  • Historically FeCl2 was used to make direct positive blueprints.
  • FeCl2 is used by bladesmiths and artisans in pattern welding to etch the metal, giving it a contrasting effect, to view metal layering or imperfections.
  • FeCl2 is used to test the pitting and corrosion resistance of stainless steels and other alloys.
  • FeCl2 is used to prepare writing ink.
  • FeCl2 እንደ ተናካሽ in dying.


The uses of iron chloride in Agriculture are discuss below:

  • FeCl2 is used as weed killer in agriculture.

የቀዶ ጥገና ሕክምና

The uses of iron chloride in Surgical treatment are as follows:

እንደ ማነቃቂያ

The uses of iron chloride as a catalyst are discuss below:

FeCl3 is utilized to perform catalyzing processes in research facilities, including the Friedel Crafts acylation and alkylation reactions and the chlorination of organic hydrocarbons. Ferric chloride is frequently utilized as a Lewis acid.


FeCl2 በውሃ ውስጥ በጣም የሚሟሟ እና በጣም ከፍተኛ የማቅለጫ ነጥብ እና ጥሩ የመንቀሳቀስ ችሎታ ያለው ሃይሮስኮፒክ ነጭ ክሪስታላይን አዮኒክ ውህድ ነው። የብረት ክሎራይድ በቆሻሻ ውኃ ውስጥ በስፋት ጥቅም ላይ ይውላል. በተጨማሪም በመድኃኒት ኬሚስትሪ፣ በጨርቃጨርቅ ኢንዱስትሪ ውስጥ አፕሊኬሽኖች አሉት እና ብዙ ጊዜ በኦርጋኒክ ውህደት ውስጥ እንደ ቅድመ ሁኔታ ያገለግላል።

ወደ ላይ ሸብልል